Family Group

David BELL and Mary Albina CURRAN

Married 1899

William George BELL (1900-1975)
mar. 1939   Elizabeth DONALD (1908-1996)
(unidentified) BELL
David BELL
Married 1899
Mary Albina CURRAN
David Cecil BELL (1904-1967)
mar. ?   Susan EAKIN (
George CURRAN (1849-1904)
mar. 1870   Sarah NEWPORT (1848-1933)
Robert John BELL (1906-1967)
mar. ?   Lily BLACK
Mary Edith BELL (1907-1995)
mar. 1940   William SMALL (1902-1972)

David BELL and Mary Albina ("Minnie") CURRAN were married on 3rd April 1899 in Cranagill Methodist Church.(1) At the time of their marriage, David was a gardener at the Bishop's Palace. Minnie was living there, presumably in service there.1

By the time of the 1901 Census of Ireland, their first child was a year old, and the family had moved to Dillon, near Ardglass in Co. Down. David is listed as the Head of the Household and a gardener.2

In the 1911 Census, the family are living in Scotch Street, now with four children. David is listed in the census as a gardener. Their census return also states that there was a fifth child who did not survive.3

David died in a drowning accident in Newcastle on the 7th August 1916 and Minnie from a blood clot on her lung in 1920.1


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