Family Group

George CURRAN and Sarah NEWPORT

Married 1870




William Henry CURRAN (1874-1922)
Robert Jones CURRAN (1875-1906)
James Lyons CURRAN (1878-1945)
mar. 1904   Jane MAXWELL (1876-1937)
George CURRAN (1811-1886)
mar. 1837   Mary JONES (1811-1864)
Anne CURRAN (b.1878)
Married 1870
Cecilia Elizabeth CURRAN
mar. ?   Daniel Wright RICHIE
mar. 1838   Eliza CURRAN
Clara Jane CURRAN
John George CURRAN (1884-1964)
mar. ?   Mary Louise (Unknown) (1895-1993)
Sarah Florrie CURRAN (b.1886)
mar. ?   John Joseph SPENCER

George and Sarah were married in the Registry Office in Armagh City on 29th November 1870.#1 A Registry Office wedding was unusual at this time. As it is probable that the bride and groom were first cousins, there may have been objections from parents and/or the Church. Also, George's sister, Sarah had married James Newport, brother of Sarah in 1865!

In the 1901 Census Return#2 by George Curran, he describes himself as a farmer. He is listed as head of his household in Fernagreevagh, Loughgall. He is married (Wife is Sarah, no maiden name given). Age of both husband and wife is given as 51 years. Four children are listed as living in the house on the census day:—

In addition, a farm servant is listed as living in the farmhouse, called August (Surname not readable). He is listed as being born in Portugal!

All the members of the household are listed as belonging to the Methodist church. All can read and write. None are Irish-speakers, either as first or second language.

George Curran is listed as the “proprietor” (lease-holder?) of the farm. Farm buildings are as follows:-

The Census Date was 31st March 1901.

By the time of the 1911 census,#3 George is dead (he died in 1904) and Sarah is now listed as "Head of Family". There are still three of their children living at home:-

Sarah died in 1933.


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