Family Group

Cornelis Johannes Stephanus OLIVIER and Anna Jacoba Helena BRUMMER

Married 1832




Anna Jacoba Margaritha OLIVIER (b.1838)
Elisabeth Johanna OLIVIER (b.1840)
Johannes Stephanus OLIVIER (bap.1770)
mar. ?   Elisabeth Johanna Du PLESSIS (bap.1773)
Johannes Stephanus OLIVIER (1880-1945)
mar. 1870   Francina Carolina FOUCHEE (b.1852)
Cornelis Johannes Stephanus OLIVIER
Married 1832
Anna Jacoba Helena BRUMMER
Maternal Grandparents not known Johannes Gerhardus OLIVIER (b.1843)
Zagaria Margritha OLIVIER (b.1846)
Cornelis Hermanes OLIVIER (b.1848)

Cornelis Johannes Stephanus and Anna Jacoba Helena were married on 1st February 1832.(#1)

They had six children between 1838 and 1848.(#1)


  1. Olivier Family Bible

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