Family Group

Johannes Cornelisz. OLIVIER and Cicilia DU PREEZ

Married 1730




Philip Arnoldus OLIVIER (b.1731)
mar. ?   ? (?-?)
Dirkje OLIVIER (b.1734)
mar. ?   Ockert OLIVIER
Cornelis OLIVIER (1673-1713)
mar. 1699   Anna Catharina RICHMANN
Martha Maria OLIVIER (b.1738)
mar. ?   Cornelis COETZEE
Johannes Cornelisz. OLIVIER
Married 1730
Cecilia DU PREEZ
Maternal Grandparents not yet available Anna Elisabeth (1741)
mar(1). ?   Dirk COETSEE
mar(2). ?   Stephanus NAUDE
Johannes Stephanus OLIVIER (b.1743)
mar. 1769   Maria Margaretha VAN WYK
Cornelis Hermanus OLIVIER (1746-1825)
> mar(1). 1768   Agnita Elisabeth VAN WYK
mar(2). 1801   Maria Margaretha Catharina SLABBERT

Johannes and Cecilia were married on 12th February 1730.#1


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  2. Richard Ball: My South African Ancestors The Olivier and Visser Familise of the Cape

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