Family Group

Ockert Corneliszoon OLIVIER and Maria Jansz VISSER

Extramarital Relationship 1672-1675




Cornelis OLIVIER
mar.   Paternal Grandmother not known
Cornelis OLIVIER (1673-1713)
> mar. 1699   Anna Catharina RICHMANN
Ockert Corneliszoon OLIVIER
Extramarital Relationship ca.1672-ca.1675
Maria Jansz VISSER
Maternal Grandparents not known Dina OLIVIER (1675-ca.1723)
mar. ?   Hans Jacob BRITS

Ockert and Maria formed a relationship when her husband, Willem Willemse, fled the Cape for Europe in 1672, after killing a hottentot. This appears to have lasted until Willem's rehabilitation in 1675.

The result of this relationship was the birth of the two children, Dina and Cornelis. They were left behind in the Cape when the Willemses left the Cape for Batavia. By order of Court, the two children were left in the care of their maternal Grandfather, Jan Coenraad Visser, their father, Ockert, to be responsible for their support.


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