Bartholomew CURRAN


Bartholomew CURRAN is listed in two entries in the Pre-1858 Wills and Admons index held by PRONI. The original documents were destroyed in the 1922 fire at the National Archives in Dublin. The first, dated 4 March 1823 lists him as being resident in Balygansey; the second, dated 1827 as a resident of Ballygausey. Details of the Index entries are:
1823 Entry 1827 Entry
Index: Pre-1858 Wills and Admons Pre-1858 Wills and Admons
Sub-Index: Armagh Diocesan Administration Bonds Armagh Diocesan Administration Bonds
Surname: Curran Curran
Forename: Bartholomew Bartholomew
Occupation: (not stated) Farmer
Town or Townland: Ballygausey Ballygansey
County: Armagh Armagh
Date: 4th March 1823 1827


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