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(d. ca.1834-5)

George CURRAN is listed in two entries in the Pre-1858 Wills and Admons index held by PRONI. The original documents were destroyed in the 1922 fire at the National Archives in Dublin. Both entries, dated 29th July 1835 and 1836, Both cite George CURRAN, of Ternagreevy. It seems likely that these refer to the same person (the earlier possibly the lodging of the papers wit the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Armagh, and the second, the the grant of the Admon). Details of the Index entries are:
1835 Entry 1836 Entry
Index: Pre-1858 Wills and Admons Pre-1858 Wills and Admons
Sub-Index: Armagh Diocesan Administration Bonds Armagh Diocesan Administration Bonds
Surname: Curran Curran
Forename: George George
Occupation: Farmer Farmer
Town or Townland: Ternagreevy Ternagreevy
County: Armagh
Date: 29 July 1835 1836


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