George Oliver CURRAN


The following is taken from "The Curran Newsletter" Vol. 1 No. 1 (1970):1

George Oliver Curran was born at Greggs Mills, Armagh March 22, 1863, and came to Canada with his father and step-mother as a child on the Allen Steamer "Sarmation". He married Martha Bates, a milliner, in Orillia in 1884. He made two trips to the Klondike, one in which he built a boat to proceed North in the Spring, sold it and built another. He made a considerable amount of money in partnership with Sir ___ of Toronto and Ottawa. He edited the Orillia Newsletter given to him and his brothers. He was a great friend of Stephen Leacock and Leslie Frostís father. Maise Roach (Mazo de la Roche) wrote the Ardtree Column fot the paper and used many of the Currans in her Jalna novels.

He loved books, gardening, sailing handicrafts, and built all his own boats. He always, since he was a small boy, had a boat, and later a yacht on the waters of Lakes Couching or Simcoe, and his sons and daughters enjoyed many hours racing and partying with the yacht owners, as did all the children of John Jones Curran. Uncle Ernest loved to tell me the stories, and I wish I had a tape recorder to take them down.

He died at Orillia, March 5, 1936

  1. The Curran Newsletter: Typescript document by Gay Husband Curran, Richmond, B.C., Canada. (It is likely that this is the only edition produced!)

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