Biographical Notes



Mary was probably the daughter of Edward Jones and Sarah Gardner, whose marriage is recorded in the Loughgall Parish Church Registers on 2nd October 1797. Her baptism on the 27th November 1808 is recorded in the Register of St. Lukes (C of I), the Parish Church of Loughgall.

She married George Curran in Loughgall Parish Church on 21st December 1837. The Register records that both bride and groom were residents of Fernagreevagh at the time of the marriage

Mary died in Fernagreevagh on 4th June 1864. The cause of death is given as "Fever, 10 Days" on her Death Certificate. This was probably Smallpox, as her son Robert died of smallpox on 4th September the same year, also in Fernagreevagh. Her Death Certificate records her as being aged 53 years old at the time of her death. This would suggest that she was born ca.1811, three years after her baptism! It seems likely that the age entered on this certificate is in error.


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