James was probably born ca. 1819 - he is listed in the 1901 Census as being aged 82.#1

He married Eliza Curran on 11th February 1838 in Loughgall Parish Church. James was resident of Drumherriff at time of marriage. Eliza was resident in Fernagreevagh. Witnesses were James Curran and Abraham Allen.#2

Accomrding to the 1901 Census, He was still alive and living in the townland of Grange Lower, Loughgall.#1 At this time, he was a widower, aged 82, living with his son, Robert and three grandchildren, John James, Mary Ann, and William Henry.#1

James died in Grange on 18th April 1901.#3 On his Death Certificate, his age is stated as 75. This is almost certainly wrong. He could not have married at the age of 11, and he himself states his age as 82 in the 1901 Census, a year before his death.

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