Sarah married George CURRAN in the Registrar's Office, Armagh on 29th November 1870. On their Marriage Certificate, Sarah is listed as a 22 year-old spinster, of Grange Oneiland, Parish of Kilmore, Co. Armagh. Her father was James NEWPORT, a farmer. The witnesses were Robert Hall and Mary Jane Her X Mark Long. Sarah and her husband were almost certainly first cousins.

In the 1901 Census of Ireland, Sarah is recorded as living in Fernagreevagh (a.k.a Ternagreevagh), with her farmer husband (George), both aged 51 years. There are four of their children living with them, (James, 22 years, Clara Jane, 18 years, George Otto, 17 years and Florrrie, 15 years). There is one other peron, August Pilote, living with them. He is listed as being 17 years old, and a servant.5

Sarah's husband, George, died on 5th March 1904, without leaving a will. Sarah was granted Admonistration of his estate in March 1905.

In the 1911 Census, she is still living in the family home, with 3 unmarried children (Clara Jane, 27 years, George Otto, 26 years and Sara Florence, 24 years).6

Sarah signed the Ulster Declaration against Home Rule, on 28 September 1912 at Cranagill. Her address is listed as Ternagreevagh.

Sarah died on 22nd January 1933 and was burried beside her husband in Loughgall Old Graveyard. Probate was granted in Belfast to James Hewitt, a farmer on the 3rd June 1933. Her eatate was valued at

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