Wedding of John A. W. Brown and Elizabeth T. Wallis

At "The Firs", Hampton Park, Hereford

10th September 1949

Back Row:
David Wallis (Southend, 2nd Cousin of Bride); John H Wallis (Southend, 2nd Cousin of Bride); D.J. (Ian) McKinnon (2nd Cousin of Bridegroom); Rev. James Currie (Arran); Frederic W. Warren (Framlingham, Cousin of Bride); Donald J. Brown ( Cousin of Bridegroom); George M. Warren (Stroud, Cousin of Bride)
Middle Row:
Dorothy M. Warren (Hereford, Aunt of Bride); Sabine Warren (Wife of H.L.W.); Humphrey L. Warren (Hemingford, Cousin of Bride); Jessie K. Wallis (Eltham, Aunt of Bride); Donald M. Brown (Arran, Brother of Bridegroom); Ann Warren (Daughter of F.V.W.); James Brown (Arran, Brother of Bridegroom, Best Man); Joan Warren (Wife of F.V.W.); John A, W. Brown (Bridegroom); Elizabeth T. Wallis (Bride) O. B. Wallis (Father of Bride); Meridith Oakden (Cousin of Bride, Chief Bridesmaid); M. Barbara Wallis (Sister of Bride); Jocelyn Warren (Wife of G.M.W.); Isabel M. Oakden (Cambridge, Aunt of Bride); Catherine P. Easton (Bedford, Aunt of Bride);
Front Row:
Janet M. Wallis (Hereford, Aunt of Bride); Olive E. Wallis (Southend, Mother of J.H.Wallis & D.Wallis); Paruig D. McKinnon (Nottingham, 2nd Cousin of Bridegroom); Grace C. McKinnon (Wife of P.D.McK,); Fiona. McKinnon (Daughter of P.D.McK,& G.C.McK, Bridesmaid); Arlette Warren (Daughter of H.L.W. & S.W.,Bridesmaid); Charlotte R.C. Easton (Cousin of Bride, Bridesmaid); Margaret Wallis (Mother of Bride); F. Maurice Warren (St. Ives, Husband of A.M.W.); Anna Margaret Warren (Aunt of Bride); Charles W. Dunn (Great Uncle of Bride);
Mervyn Warren (Son of H.L.W.); Sheila Franklin (Hereford, Bridesmaid); Robert Oakden (Cousin of Bride);

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